More Sunshine Ahead

October 19, 2013

photo This week I was sent to Aulani Resort on Oahu to “check it out” and do a bunch of live shots Wednesday-Friday for a week-long getaway we are giving away on Good Day Oregon next week.  A tough business trip, but not it’s all pleasure for a few more days.  But I’m making the kids do their homework today…what a good dad eh?

It appears the fine October weather is going to continue.  As some others have noted, it’s highly doubtful our current weather pattern means anything with respect to the coming winter weather.   So just enjoy!

Here’s the 00z ECMWF chart:


We stay well above average tempwise through the end of the month.  That’s a little less than two weeks away.

The 1-10 day ECMWF precipitation forecast is still zero, as is the 6-10 day GFS forecast (from the 6z):




And the REAL reason for this posting…

I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but I’m real tired of the drama that goes on in the comments.  There has been some trolling the last week or so, and I’ve put 3 different people on moderation the past month.  That doesn’t mean you can’t post, but it means the comment won’t post until I let it through.  I do that if someone has demonstrated they can’t have a conversation without being drunk or getting in a verbal altercation with others for example.  Also, if you have a problem with someone you SEND THEM AN EMAIL OR FB MESSAGE!  You don’t try to post a trolling comment on here.  The only reason you would do that is for fun drama.  Save that for somewhere else.

There ARE at least two different FB groups that I participate in at times, they each have their own merits.  They are closed groups, which means you need permission to get in.  That’s between you and the folks that run those groups, it has nothing to do with me.Please don’t denigrate one or the other in these comments:



Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen