Brrr! Coolest Day So Far This Fall

October 2, 2013

Today’s low temp of 44 at PDX was the coolest so far this fall, and the high temp of 54 is also the coolest we’ve seen since spring.  In fact the average temp for the day is like the first week of November!


Showers/rain moved in right on schedule at midday, and now we have some very heavy downpours moving through during the evening commute.  Two other items…some nice video of scary looking sea foam at Rockaway Beach from Don Best.  Looks like some blob aliens moving onshore!


And…did you see the Northern Lights last night?  Some of you did.  Take a look at this great pic taken by Blaine Franger at  The iconic view up the Columbia River at Vista House/Crown Point.  But this time it’s at night with a rare view of the lights.  Around 10:20pm last night.  By the time I passed that spot on my way home (12:15am), it was just a dull brightness low in the northern sky.


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen