Cold Front Approaching: Wind/Rain Peaks Next 2 Hours

September 22, 2013

1pm Sunday…

As expected, quite a strong cold front moving in this afternoon, and timing is impeccable as well.  You can clearly see the cold front, which is embedded in the back edge of the heavy rainfall, moving across the northern Oregon coastline.  This is from the Ocean Shores radar on the Washington coast.  Portland radar is blocked by the Coast Range a bit in this area.


So the heaviest rain and strongest wind is just ahead and with the cold front, after it passes the rain will pretty much stop and wind will back off dramatically.  Thus the buik of this early fall storm will be in the metro area for the next 2 hours.  As a result, after 3pm it should be pretty much done.   In fact there will be sunbreaks popping out by dinnertime.

Here in the valley peak gusts will be in the 30-40 mph range.  I see Salem had a gust to 39 mph at noon and PDX just had a gust to 37 mph at 1pm, quite impressive for September!   Higher up, a 43 mph gust up on Chehalem Mtn. north of Newberg.  There will definitely be some power outages since leaves are still on the trees.  That makes for better wind resistance since the leaves catch more wind;  a better chance for limbs to break off…a little natural pruning.

Peak wind gusts at the Coast were about what we expected…45-60 mph.  I see a gust over 60 mph at Megler Hill north of Astoria but that’s up at 1,200′.   In the next hour the wind will back of dramatically there as the cold front passes.  In fact quite a bit of sunshine too!

No other storms in the forecast, just cool and showery for a few days and then maybe warmer and drier towards next weekend.  Details on that definitely up in the air.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen