Summer Wrap Up: Record Number of Warm Nights

September 17, 2013

An overwhelming number of Pacific Northwesterners agree it was the best summer in years.  That’s based on a poll I took on this blog from August 16th to 25th

74%  gave it an A or A+

19%  gave it a B

But a few of you didn’t like it…7% gave it either a C or D.  I’m guessing these are people who would prefer to live elsewhere in a cooler climate, OR, maybe very annoyed by the warm nights.  In fact this summer WE HAD MORE 60 DEGREE OR WARMER NIGHTS THAN ANY OTHER IN PORTLAND’S HISTORY:


People probably liked this summer for these reasons:

1. Some early warm weather in May and above average June temps, but still plenty of rain to finish up spring and avoid drought issues.

2. Lots of sunshine throughout the summer, not many thick marine layer days.

3. But enough marine layer to keep the extreme heat away.  We only had ONE record high temp at PDX this year, yet 11 record warm lows.  Two of those were ties.


The oddities this summer:

1. Several very humid periods around July 1st (the most humid stretch), and 3 more times in August and early September.  There was no single reason, but we did have several upper-level troughs inject moisture into our air a few times while at the same time no big onshore flow to cool us off or offshore flow to dry us out.  Basically there was nothing to “clear the air” each time.

2. Larger than average spread of high temps in the Willamette Valley vs. Portland Metro Area.  This was most noticeable in July.  Salem had 8 90 degree (or warmer) days, but Portland only had 4.  By the end of the season the difference wasn’t quite as extreme, but Portland still ended up with slightly below the normal “allotment” of 90 degree days.  That’s 12.9  If you don’t like 90 degree days, be thankful you don’t live in Ontario!!! Note the chart below.

3. Some good lightning at times in late August and early September.  Until that time it was pretty dead in Western Oregon…although that’s not so unusual.


Fall is here though and it looks wet over the next 7-10 days.

Okay, now you can all argue about why it was such a horrible summer, how I have a “warm bias”, or what you loved about the summer so much…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

Episode 33: Summer Wrap-up & Remembering September 11th

September 17, 2013

Fresh podcast just posted today…enjoy!  And here’s a nice pic taken on Sunday morning just west of White Salmon in the Underwood area.  Sunrise over the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge.  Taken by Oca Hoeflein


Northwest Weather Podcast

Gorge Sunset

Episode 33: Summer Wrap-up & Remembering September 11th

This week, the guys break down one of the best Portland summers in years!  Are you ready for fall?

Plus, they’ll share their own stories about the day terrorists attacked the United States.

The guys will also look ahead to winter and weigh in on the Farmer’s Almanac.  Here’s its forecast for this winter.

Winter Outlook

For an in-depth winter outlook, don’t miss the 21st Annual Oregon AMS Winter Weather Forecast Conference at OMSI in Portland.  For more information, visit the Oregon AMS website by clicking here!

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