A Slow Saturday Night

September 7, 2013

I’m filling in on the Saturday night shift.  So I’ve updated some files and done a few other nerdy things.  One would include these two charts of Portland temps.

Our summer temperature…that’s June-July-August since 1941:


The 1950s sure were chilly, makes 2010-2011 seem mild…

Our August temps, definitely a warm one this year, like last year:



I don’t have any other great knowledge to add.  Bumped up temps for midweek since all models now show a thermal trough west of the Cascades Tuesday and Wednesday.  That plus 850mb temps around +21 to +22 should push us a little above 90 degrees.  Luckily nights will be cooler than we have seen earlier in the summer with the hot weather.

Speaking of nights, last night’s 56 degree temp was the coolest night around here in about 6 weeks!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen