Weekend Outlook


Things are looking good for the weekend!  The upper level low heads into Canada by Sunday, keeping all the showers in Washington and Idaho.

Down here in Oregon, lots of moisture left over for morning clouds or fog, then plenty of sun.  Quite a warmup for Saturday with high temps back up around 80.  They will stay in that range through Monday.

Offshore flow still looking good for Tuesday and Wednesday.  At this point the offshore looks weak for September, with just a weak thermal trough (low pressure) over the Willamette Valley.  Probably not a situation for getting 80s or 90s at the beaches.  That also means we’ll probably top out around 90 both days.  Varying solutions beyond that…either cool troughing towards next weekend or weak ridging…flip the coin.

Enjoy the warmer sunshine, you can enjoy it guilt-free now since we’ve all see a good soaking west of the Cascades.

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  1. schmit44 says:

    Downtown Brookings had dense fog and 61 degrees at 130am. Fifteen minutes later it was 81 degrees at 1:45am

  2. Not sure if it’s valid for PDX since July wasn’t all that hot, but DLS had all three “Summer” months end up between 2.0 and 2.5 degrees F above the 30-year climo. All three months warm, but none crazy hot. And we never had a BIG heat wave DIRECTLY over us (close in late June/early July, but hottest air stayed a bit east).

    I did some data digging and it appears we haven’t seen June-July-August all be significantly on the warm side for many, many years. There were a few times when two of the three months were significantly warm and the third SLIGHTLY warm – like 1977, 1992, 1998, 2003, 2009 – and also some years where July-August-September were all significantly warm (1990, 1994, 1998). IF you use older 30-year climo periods for comparing older years, you might be able to claim that JJA 1970 had three warm months – July and August were spot-on by 1981-2010 standards, but likely warm by older climo standards.

    But seriously, The Dalles Airport has not seen a solidly hot June-July-August since the epic hot summer of 1967. (September was also extremely warm that year.)

    So the first time all three Summer months are significantly warm in nearly half a decade – and all this without a single day 105+. THAT is truly incredible when you really think about it.

  3. schmit44 says:

    Guess the high/low temperature Monday through Friday for this upcoming work week at Portland airport. I will announce the winner Friday evening. Deadline to enter will be 2am Monday morning Sept 9th. Click the below link to enter.

    • archangelmichael2 says:

      Without an easterly I predict at the most 92F as the hottest September weather has come with strong easterly flows.

      If we have a surprise strong easterly flow I don’t see 96-98F being out of the question with low humidity at or below 20% which sounds absolutely wonderful! No kidding!

    • archangelmichael2 says:

      However Atmospheric Rob is the expert on the wind gradient department.

  4. Paul D says:

    Not more 90’s! Come on fall!

  5. W7ENK says:

    Today has been spectacular! Let’s keep things going exactly like this until November 1st… 😀

    • Lurkyloo says:

      Easy there, Tiger … simmer down. Today has been gorgeous, but that would just be too odd for the Mod Squad if it stayed like this until November. I’m looking forward to a little chill. I’d be happy to have this until the first week of Oct, though. 🙂 🙂

  6. pappoose in scappoose says:

    Was a really fun ride!

    And we now return to regularly scheduled programming.
    Onshore/offshore flow? Fog? low clouds? How thick? Burn off when? Low of 45? 50? 55?

  7. schmit44 says:

    9/6/2013 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:85 at AGNESS2( 247 ft)
    Low: 63 at NATRON(518 ft) & BROOKS(187 ft)

    High:43 at Timberline Lodge(7001 ft)
    Low: 27 at KLAMATH NWR (4531 ft ) & CRAZYMAN FLAT (6100 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 47 degrees
    FOSTER FLAT (76/29 ) (5000 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    2.40″ at NORTH FORK(3120ft)
    2.10″ at SOUTH FORK BULL(2630ft)
    2.10″ at MT HOOD TEST SIT(5400ft)
    1.79″ at DW5901 Stayton(545ft)
    1.64″ at DW8818 Damascus(600ft)
    1.60″ at BLAZED ALDER(3650ft)
    1.53″ at DW0380 Sandy(1600ft)

  8. Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

    Upper low for the record books, I’d say.

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