Warm & Humid

As promised, the humidity bumped up somewhat dramatically the past 24 hours.  Dewpoints went from the 40s yesterday to 60s today.  Dewpoint is the measure of the amount of moisture in the air.  Technically it’s the temperature at which fog would form if an airmass is cooled at a constant pressure.  As air cools it can hold less moisture, so at some point some has to condense out into fog droplets (or condensation on your cold drink).  Anyway, more moisture means your body can’t cool itself as well, thus the “sticky or sweaty” feel.


Last night we tied for the warmest temp of the summer at PDX (66), I see Vancouver was only 67 for a record and that tied the warmest of the summer too.  Our 66 was not since 3 record lows were 66-68 during a heat wave in mid August 2008.  Of course these numbers are dependent on the temperature not dropping lower before midnight since records are kept by calendar day.

We sure haven’t see the rain earlier anticipated though.  Starting with last night’s 00z models they turned much drier.  At least they caught the drier forecast 12 hours ahead of time, but I wish we could have seen that 1″ of rain in the Coast Range today.

Tomorrow should be warmer with less cloud cover and showers only developing over and east of the Cascades.  Weak and flat upper-level ridging develops over us Sunday through the middle of next week, then maybe troughing again beyond that.  Here are the two ensemble charts from the ECMWF and GFS.  First the 12z ECMWF, note the above average temps the first half of next week and then cooler towards the following weekend:


then the 12z GFS chart, closer to average through the whole run.  Note the operational is cooler than the ensembles for next weekend:


Here are the ECMWF weekly maps from last night’s run.  Interesting to note the strong ridging offshore in early September.  Otherwise no real negative or positive anomalies.





Last night I showed this graphic…


A sort of checkup on our summer weather so far.  For the record, Wayne Garcia gave it an A+ and Amy Troy an A-.  Or maybe the other way around.  Either way they are quite pleased with our summer so far.  The stats above are for PDX only.  Notice we had no chilly late spring/early summer weather.  Remember the run of 70s and even a few 80s in early May?  Then a big soaking of course.  So far we are above average on 80+ days, but do to the lack of extreme heat, we are only slightly above average with respect to temperatures.  As mentioned on an earlier post, we haven’t seen much heat, just 6 days at/above 90.  That’s normal for May-July.  And so far August appears that it COULD go down for below average 90 degree days.  We’ll see.  This doesn’t apply to all of Oregon.  I see that extreme SE Oregon saw its hottest July ever!


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. JJ78259 says:

    One big thunderstorm off to the south of us big storm, lots of lightning, fun to watch. The storm was far enough south that we could the lightning in the thunder heads then flash out of the clouds really awesome!

  2. runrain says:

    We need a report from Karl Bonner on that thunderstorm today in The Dalles!

    • kdi says:

      It formed just south of warm springs rez and gained speed over us. Unfortunately my place was right inbetween 2 cells. The west cell got big and left a 2 mile strip flooded. I got .04″. Fire station 4 miles west of me got .6″. It gained strength north of us. It started some fires on the outskirts. Lots of strikes north of Friend. Hopefully too wet to burn.

  3. BoringOregon says:

    Wow, that cloud looks huge over north east of mt hood!

  4. WEATHERDAN says:

    What really got me was a couple of nights ago when Mark in his nightly weathercast stated that Portland has had 35 days over 8o degrees. The number is now 36 days. Salem however after today has 61 days at or above 80. So why the big difference in just 47 miles. My guess is that the large number of days this summer that Portland has had a stratus deck, and Salem has not. Thus Portland would be 76-79 and Salem would be 80-83 degrees. At this rate Salem could have 80 days over 80 degrees. This has only happened 3 other time since 1950. 1958, 1967, and 1994. By the way at 4:00 PM Salem is partly sunny and 81 degrees with a dp of 63 degrees.

  5. W7ENK says:

    This humidity is awful! It feels like Florida out there…

    Last evening, I was out talking to my neighbors in their driveway and it was 80 degrees and raining, and the rain drops were warm. WTF is that?!? That ain’t Western Oregon!! Warm raindrops are a sign that we have no cool air aloft, so therefore virtually no chance of thunderstorms, and no real good way to purge this humid grossness.

    Just typing this made me sweat… Blech! 😦

    • pappoose in scappoose says:

      Hahaah! Funny stuff, W7!

    • JJ78259 says:

      I was down in Corpus Christie today with some clients for lunch on the bay front that is the real deal humidity. The sea food down in this part of the country is awesome!

  6. Punxsutawney (aka HIOPHIL) at work by Sunset High elev ~280 says:

    I give this summer a “B” for BORING!

    Despite the lack of a lot of 90 degree highs this summer, I’m working on the warmest year (mean temp) out here since 2004. Still time for that to change. Also, the 12.77″ of rain for the calendar year through July in Hillsboro is the 4th driest on record since 1930.

    For the last two reasons plus the lack of any real winter weather I give the year so far a “C-“, not a “F” because this spring – summer has been good to my grapes and tomatoes and my garden overall.

    I don’t expect the current pattern to change till later September at the earliest.

  7. schmit44 says:

    8/15/2013 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:104 at DW9659 Richland(2379 ft)
    Low: 79 at Weatherby Rest A(2390 ft)

    High:60 at CW6568 Charlesto(38 ft) & Mount Hebo(3170 ft) & Mary’s Peak(4137 ft)
    Low: 34 at Sand Creek (US 9 (4525 ft ) & KIRK (4519 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 53 degrees
    EW2055 Prairie C (96/43 ) (3547 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    0.58″ at MEARES Cape Mear(1421ft)
    0.36″ at TILLAMOOK(11ft)
    0.32″ at HEBOWX Mt. Hebo(3160ft)
    0.26″ at OCNSID Oceanside(22ft)
    0.22″ at WA7ZVY-4 Newport(128ft)

  8. Anyone who has any interest whatsoever in lightning needs to check out Space Weather.com. Some very cool pics of upper atmosphere “sprites”. Very cool….

  9. karlbonner1982 says:

    Whoa…the long-range Euro weeklies hint at ANOTHER WARM SEPTEMBER this year. Summer really is getting later and later it seems!

    • archangelmichael2 says:

      The weather seems to want to be stuck on a broken record.

      I miss the dry heat when we used to have ridges pop in causing the humidity to fall below the 30 percent line.

      I bet the Humboldt Current is disturbed somehow which is why we cannot get those low 50F mornings so easy anymore but nobody monitors it. Everybody seems more interested in the NAO patterns on the east coast.

      In fact the NAO has flipped to negative long term so I recon some more Snow Apocalypse for them this a few times this winter!

    • Jesse-Stevenson says:

      Summer started in late-April this year Karl. I really doubt we have a warm September. We will be long overdue for a pattern change by then.

  10. kdi says:

    Gripe alert! Other than 5 days since july 1, this has been one of the hottest summers I remember just 80 miles over the mt from Portland. No seering 105 stuff but day after day of 97-102. Other than our haboob thunderstorm last week, we haven’t cooled below 63 since June.

    I hear you guys alarmed at an overnight temp of 66 and all I can say is “welcome to my world.” We had 3 nights back to back that were plagued with smoke and t-storm debris where the low was 75. Awful!

    Someday fall will arrive and I will embrace it with love and open arms. Winter has avoided us the past 3 years but we can never escape summer. Someday….. Someday. …

    For those of you that work outside, stay in Portland. Its much nicer.

    • geo says:

      Where do you live by the way?

    • Lurkyloo says:

      JJ would beg to differ with your opinion, kdi! 🙂

      I understand how you must feel. The heat overwhelms me when it hits here. Are you in The Dalles?

    • kdi says:

      Maupin. 10 miles outside of town

    • archangelmichael2 says:

      Yeah. Glad to know I am not alone in this. The average temp for Salem this July is 86F which goes to show how constant the heat was.

      No mega heatwaves just mild ones that stay constantly.

      I feel we are overdue for a pattern regime for some exciting weather and a couple times it has tried to happen but it seems as if an invisible force is repressing it.

      And as for the guy at Castle Rock 175′ I hope you enjoy you’re conniption because MAN IT’S MUGGY!!! 😉

      MAN IT’S MUGGY! MAN IT’S MUGGY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Enjoying the conniptions yet?

  11. Greg Carstens says:

    67 degrees at 7:06 PM with an RH of 94%.

  12. Running behind, but here are the comparisons for my two stations:

    July 2013 in Battle Ground (Minnehaha)
    Highest High: 92.3, 16th (92.9, 16th)
    Lowest Low: 43.4, 12th (48.0, 12th)
    Highest Wind: WNW 20, 26th (NW 21, 15th)
    Most Precip: Trace, 3 Dates (Trace, 20th+26th)

    Total Precip: Trace (Trace)

    Avg High: 81.7 (82.9)
    Avg Low: 50.6 (54.8)
    Mean: 66.2 (68.8)

    The UHI obviously has a pronounced impact during the day as compared to the overnight lows.

  13. Lurkyloo says:

    The sky is kind of spitting at me — not much, though. Rude, nonetheless.

  14. Muxpux (Castle Rock 175') says:

    The castle rock station (not nws) has the dp at 67, that can’t be right? Also, the COD NEXRAD radar updated/changed a bit and its been redirecting me to Chicagos radar. Yeah it’s a bit annoying but a couple clicks and your right back where ya wanna be.

    Also, if I hear one more person say “man it’s muggy” imma have a conniption. Tried camping yesterday and the girls of course were complaining (it’s raining, it’s sticky, blah blah) well, 80 and rain is better than 50 and rain. And just think of it as Hawaii haha

  15. Sifton says:

    B++, almost perfect, just missing those extreme heat days!!

  16. oldwxwatcher says:

    Raining here on the east side of town at 1700. Just a bit drippy, nothing heavy.

    Mark, the link on your weather page to the Portland radar apparently is no longer valid. It is redirecting now but that might not always be the case.

  17. Low of 56° here this morning.
    So far a high of 83°.

  18. WEATHERDAN says:

    First finally

    • WEATHERDAN says:

      At 4:21 PM Salem is 80 degrees with a dp 0f 63. This mornings low was only 65 degrees. Sky is overcast as it has been all day. No rain however. Looks like another warm night ahead.

    • ocpaul says:

      The temp in Rockford, Illinois is 77 right now with a dp of 58.
      Too bad we can’t get Rockford’s winter weather too.

    • pappoose in scappoose says:

      You finally in!

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