It Rained! Thunderstorms Staying Mainly East

August 1, 2013

2:30pm Thursday…

.06″ at PDX today, lots of areas of drizzle or even a few very light showers the very first half of today.  But don’t get too excited, all it’ll do is settle the dust.  It does end a 35 day dry spell (I think I counted correctly…).  And some parts of the metro area didn’t get measurable rain:


Thunderstorms have popped up all over the place east of the Cascades, a huge amount of action right now in the Blue and Wallowa mountains:


As expected, a major marine push the past 24 hours means cool and moist air all the way up above 6,000′ today!


As a result, temps are struggling to approach 70 degrees.  No big surprise there either.  We could get an elevated thunderstorm over the top of the marine layer, it already happened about an hour ago up in Cowlitz County.

More later if I get some time, I’m doing all 5 shows today including 24 different weather segments…anyone crying for me yet?

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen