Quick Afternoon T’Storm Update

July 31, 2013

3:45pm Wednesday…

The chance for widespread thunderstorms west of the Cascades continues to be low, but any of us near the Cascades COULD see some action the next few hours.

Right now thunderstorms are firing up along the crest of the Cascades and moving NNE:


Last night I really downplayed the chances for action down here in the lowlands, especially since models have consistently failed to forecast any significant thunderstorm activity west of the Cascades.   Our 18z RPM forecast for 5pm shows the current cluster of Cascade storms dying down as they head north into the southern Washington Cascades this evening:


Here’s the cloud cover forecast from the 12z WRF-GFS:


Keep a close eye on the radar the next few hours, but as of now it looks real quiet…Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen