I had a viewer ask me for the dew point graphic I used last night on the 10pm newscast (really!).  We don’t talk about it much here for two reasons:  First, we rarely get hot and humid weather.  Second, it’s a tricky concept to explain in a short weathercast.  Basically the higher the number the more moisture there is in the air.  70+ is the disgusting southeastern USA summer humidity.  Less than 60 is normal in the Pacific Northwest on summer days.  Right now it’s in the 40s!  Very dry and notice the haze is gone this afternoon


6 Responses to Dewpoint

  1. Bill says:

    Hi Mark. When you refer to Dew Point, isn’t that actually Relative Humidity? I thought Dew Point referred to the temperature at which condensation begins. And isn’t Lifting Condensation Level the elevation at which an air mass reaches its Dew Point? I remember plotting this on a Skew-T, Log-P chart in college. Thanks!

  2. Josh "The Snowman" From Everett, WA says:

    Hey Mark. Just saw the new promo of the four “weather” horsemen/women. Looks like you guys need to hit the gym. I don’t mean in a fat way, of course not :). I mean, you guys are skinny.

    C’mon Mark, you need to summon your inner Schwarzenegger to action!!!! LOL

  3. PaulO says:

    No idea what the dewpoint was where I am here in the Honduras but we had the typical evening T-storms move in off the mountains. Nice light show but only 1/2’compared to several inches a few days ago.

  4. karlbonner1982 says:

    The Dalles’ dewpoint got all the way to 65 out at the airport Monday evening….and likely a degree or two muggier some spots in town! That’s VERY impressive for our climate.

  5. motherheidi says:

    feels normal tonight thankfully. The last few days have been brutal for those of us who enjoy anything below 85 degrees. I never knew how important the dewpoint was in terms of the comfort zone. Thanks for enlightening us Mark!!

  6. Dave in SW PDX (235') says:

    Yeah, that 96F with a dewpoint of 69 last Sunday was a tad uncomfortable. High temps & dewpoints the next few days should be perfect for the Blues Festival, hiking, barbeques, boating, fireworks, etc. Here’s to a safe & happy 4th of July!

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