Happy 4th of July!

July 3, 2013


Independence Day looks very nice across the Pacific Northwest, just some morning clouds along the Columbia River and the coastline.  All areas will be cooler too.

Here in Portland we should top out right around average for this time of year…78 degrees.


By the way, we haven’t seen measurable rainfall here in Portland on the 4th since 2000!  That makes 13 consecutive dry holidays.


Curiously, the chance for measurable rainfall is highest on July 4th when compared to all other July days.  Strange eh?  It’s not strange that the average drops off dramatically later in the month of course…the last week of July and early August are our driest time of the year…on average.

I’ll be off on Thursday but back here on Friday.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


July 3, 2013

I had a viewer ask me for the dew point graphic I used last night on the 10pm newscast (really!).  We don’t talk about it much here for two reasons:  First, we rarely get hot and humid weather.  Second, it’s a tricky concept to explain in a short weathercast.  Basically the higher the number the more moisture there is in the air.  70+ is the disgusting southeastern USA summer humidity.  Less than 60 is normal in the Pacific Northwest on summer days.  Right now it’s in the 40s!  Very dry and notice the haze is gone this afternoon