Weather Conference In Nashville

June 25, 2013

I’m in Nashville these next 4 days (through Friday) at the American Meteorological Society annual Broadcaster’s Conference.  Today was a long day with a 3:30am wakeup call to heard to the airport after going to bed around 1am…Whew!

I’ve been blessed with a great job that has allowed me to do many things I wouldn’t have done otherwise, like attend these yearly conferences in a different city each time.  Last year was Boston, this year Nashville, rumor says Lake Tahoe next year.  Anyway, I try to do things and/or eat things that I wouldn’t normally experience in Portland.  So this evening my wife and I went to Caney Fork restaurant, near the Grand Old Opry.

photo (1)

First time I’ve ever eaten those fried green tomatoes in the pic.  Then I had catfish, hush puppies, and some sort of fried cornbread with powdered sugar on it.  All finished off with a piece of key lime pie.  I think I’ve now covered the basics of southern food; it seems to involve a lot of frying?  That was the one common theme I found.  The weather here is sweaty…high temp around 90 under hazy sun and a dewpoint around 70.

Speaking of warm weather, our warmup is still on the way in the Pacific Northwest.  The 12z GFS and ECMWF both pushed the upper level ridge directly over us Monday-Wednesday next week.  The 12z run of the GFS was the hottest I’ve seen in my entire career here.  The ECMWF was a bit more reasonable.  I noticed there is still a large amount of spread in solutions for early next week, so we may have just some normal hot weather (88-95), or we may get some sort of temperature spike up around 100.  The jury is definitely still out.  Here are the ensemble charts from the 18z GFS and 12z ECMWF:



Either way, our warmest and driest stretch of weather so far this season is on the way starting Friday.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen