Tuesday Afternoon Action

Thunderstorms and heavy showers beginning to pop up over Western Oregon and Washington at 3pm. Just about anyone could see a downpour or thunderstorm between now and sunset! Showers are moving from south to north or actually SSW to NNE.

Nice heavy shower just north of Keizer right now:


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

23 Responses to Tuesday Afternoon Action

  1. Hal In Aims says:

    Coming down in buckets here…..

  2. runrain says:

    Pretty good hail shower here in Happy Valley. I sent the video to Mark.

  3. runrain says:

    Some nice buildups over and north of Vancouver.

  4. runrain says:

    Three rumbles now. Probably over Boring now.

  5. runrain says:

    Rumble of thunder a few miles southeast of Happy Valley.

  6. I hate being constantly disappointed. Why can’t we just get a solid outbreak of strong thunderstorms, instead of little popup showers that dissipate really fast..

    • archangelmichael2 says:

      If it gets too technical then just read down to where I mention Eugene.

      I have discovered that between Roseburg and Portland sits right in the middle of the jet stream so the weather will go either direction.

      Either it will go up to Portland and places north or hit from Eugene south unless it’s an organized system that doesn’t fall apart.

      Here is the more technical reason.

      Actually now that I think about it the jet stream has been pretty weak all winter which a few users on a different weather forum tried to address the issue for an in depth discussion but everyone was dancing around it for some odd reason and nothing resolved.

      One user even wondered WHO got the storms this winter since they were all weakened for the lower 48 states except for a brief but sharp artic blast in January over The Rockies and high desert areas.

      I also think the -PDO has to do with the weak jet-stream as I’ve notice when it’s in a more neutral or slightly positive phase storms are more easily fired up.

      The other problem is the set up to buckle the jet stream didn’t occur.

      When it does we are going to get slammed!

    • chiefWright (Marquam) says:

      Ah, the summer is young. Patience…

  7. Marcus the weather nut says:

    Interesting looking cell right over Hillsboro???

  8. vernonia1 says:

    Gully washer here but no noise 😦

  9. philinforestgrove says:

    Here comes I3 storm towards Cornelius with similar dbz of reflectivity. Great weather show in western Washington County this afternoon.

  10. Sifton says:

    I prefer the nice day I’m having instead!

  11. philinforestgrove says:

    Heavy rain with hail pellets coming down in Forest Grove. No wind.

  12. philinforestgrove says:

    R2 storm is 63 dbz, on radar, heavy rain and more lightning. Heading towards N.Plains. Enjoy!

  13. shawnpippin says:

    3 bangs of thunder so far and decent rain out here in Cornelius OR.

  14. philinforestgrove says:

    just had a boomer from mesocyclone over forest grove. WOW!!!

  15. vernonia1 says:

    US30, 2 miles West of Cornelius Pass Road MP 15

    A crash has the highway closed at Wildwood. A detour, for passenger vehicles only, is in place using Logie Trail Road and RocKy Point Road to Skyline.

  16. cgavic says:

    Interesting. Here at our location in sandy it’s been consistent sun breaks among the clouds (p/s, p/c?). Light wind blowing, calm weather. 69 degs.

    Really nice. Considering what’s happening in tualatin.

  17. Muxpux (Castle Rock 175') says:

    Thunder and lightning down in woodland

  18. Joshua in Lake Oswego says:

    They keep breaking up or dissipating before they get here. Come on!!!

  19. pappoose in scappoose says:

    They’re firing!

  20. Holly in Eastmoreland says:

    Thanks Mark

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