Record Cold May Day

May 22, 2013


A cold upper-level low combined with steady rain pretty much the entire day in most of SW Washington and NW Oregon has given us a record setting chilly May day:


  • 50 degrees (as of 5pm) just reaches the average low for this date
  • 50 degrees is the coldest daytime high for this date
  • 50 degrees is also the latest in the spring we’ve seen a 50 degree high temp
  • The coldest high temperature ever recorded in Portland in May was 49 degrees both in 1962 and 1964 (early in the month)

It only gets warmer after today (it can’t get colder right?), but it sure doesn’t get much drier.  Expect rain at times through next week.

By the way, MAYUARY is a combo of MAY/FEBRUARY (or January if you like).  After extensive input, I decided on that versus MAYVEMBER.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen