Oklahoma City Metro Area Tornadoes

May 20, 2013

As you all probably know, a huge tornado in the southern suburbs of Oklahoma City this afternoon.  For now it’s been rated at least EF-4.  Town names like Newcastle and Moore probably sound familiar to you if you follow weather.  That’s because a deadly F-5 tore through the same towns 14 years ago this month…May 3, 1999.

How do the paths compare?  I found this image online, but can’t find the source of the info.  I’m not a journalist, just a meteorologist, so I can get by with passing the info on to you as well without checking it’s source.  Looks pretty close to reality though:

nws moor tornado paths

Notice there is one neighborhood that appears to have been hit by both powerful tornadoes…the chance of that happening anywhere on this planet is VERY low.