Sunday Morning Wind

We didn’t get damaging wind, but unusually windy early this morning across the region as a surface low pressure made landfall along the Long Beach Peninsula.  Peak gusts inland were generally in the 35-45 mph range, but in April that’s enough to bring down trees (and my basketball hoop).  And dozens of power outages still as of 8:30am as well, including here at home.  Looks like the farther north forecast by some models did a better job, although I didn’t see any weather info since yesterday morning so maybe they had forecast the low a bit better yesterday evening?  Not sure. 

On to showers again today…enjoy the rain.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

28 Responses to Sunday Morning Wind

  1. ashley watson says:

    Everybody should check out the cheyenne wyoming weather discussion. It makes even our most exciting weather seem pathetic. If only we had weather like this. Thanks a lot pacific ocean and cascade and rocky mountains.

  2. SnowedIn - North Plains says:

    Hit a fairly impressively chilly 36F this morning at 1:37.

    BTW, from this day forward (until Novemberish) I am ThunderCloud – North Plains. Same guy.

    • W7ENK says:

      See ya, SnowedIn! Sorry it didn’t work out this time around… again. I hope your summertime counterpart has better luck! 😆

  3. Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

    Had an inch of snow last night before midnight, then it stopped and cleared up. Low was 28 this morning.

  4. bgb41 says:

    4/7/2013 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:64 at Ontario Municipa(2188 ft)
    Low: 47 at BARNHT(894 ft) & W7APD Keizer(138 ft) & ECHO(683 ft) & UMATILLA RIVER B(587 ft) & BROOKS(187 ft)

    High:28 at Timberline Lodge(7001 ft) & Mount Hood Meado(6601 ft)
    Low: 17 at MT. HOWARD (7910 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 25 degrees
    Ontario Municipa (64/39 ) (2188 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    2.08″ at HEBOWX Mt. Hebo(3160ft)

  5. Aleta-West Gresham says:

    Nice snowstorm over Mt. Hood today. Mark, so much for the freezing level being above pass level from 3-6! I have a feeling that was the peak snow time today though!! Very pretty but very nerve racking when you know you have no traction devices!

  6. chiefWright (Marquam) says:

    Got plenty windy last night! I was almost hoping for a little power outage to try out my new backup generator. She Who Must Be Obeyed says careful what you wish for.

  7. Joshua in Lake Oswego says:

    The coast range keeps gobbling up the goods!

  8. Hal in Aims says:

    wonder why lightning isn’t showing up on the map……maybe it’s cloud to cloud and doesn’t register ??

  9. Hal in Aims says:

    very dark in the west…..distant thunder

  10. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Hailing and wind has picked up in Wilsonville.

  11. WhiteEagle - Garden Home / SW Portland says:

    Thought I heard a distant rumble of thunder along with a very brief hail shower and gusty wind. The hail was less than pea-size.

  12. Hal In Aims says:


  13. Yesterday’s 12Z runs started trending the low north of PDX and a bit deeper. Once the 00Z runs showed the same is when the NWS issued the wind advisory.

  14. Fred Bridgehouse says:

    53 mph in the 0300 – 0359 hour, 51 mph sometime between 0400 – 0459. It tapered off to 44 mph in the 0600 hour. Spent the morning setting up road blocks for power lines down, trees across roads, clearing debris, mva’s, the usual….

    Chief Fred

  15. W7ENK says:

    And with that, it’s all over…

    910 AM PDT SUN APR 7 2013

  16. dharmabum says:

    Wow, strong wind around 6 am in the Barton area with limbs and trees snapping off to the south and then the power outage, slight damage to my greenhouse vent. But other than that I am very fortunate!

  17. boydotwo221 says:

    We had a 39 mph gust in Albany this morning at 4:18am. I’m about to go out and rake camellia blossoms, AGAIN!

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