Easter Weekend: Enjoy!

March 29, 2013

Sunday AM Update:

Saturday’s high of 77 in Portland was our warmest March day since 1994!  And quite close to the warmest March day ever (80).  Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

Friday Evening…

Here’s the latest forecast…we will likely tie or break a record high tomorrow and be quite close to a record Sunday.  The records at PDX are 74 tomorrow and 71 Sunday.  Luckily models are backing off on bringing much cloud cover up into northern Oregon for Sunday afternoon.

 March will “go out like a lamb” won’t it Sunday?


I considered turning off comments for the weekend to force us all outside, but decided against a “nanny-blog” solution.  Plus, from today’s (lack of) activity on the comments, I can tell that won’t be a problem.

I will however be disappearing from the online world this weekend though!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen