A Bunch of Maps

Here you go, a bunch of maps to peruse.  Big picture = mild and dry or mild and more dry than wet the next week or so.  All ensembles are above average (wow, we haven’t said that much during spring the last few years) through about the 5th-6th of April.  Models also try to raise heights above average again about 12-15 days from now.

Here are the latest two ensemble charts:

tseries_850t_000-360_Portland tseries_850t_000-384_Portland

And last night’s run of the ECMWF  out to one month.  Same idea, then weakening ridging by mid-month and maybe some troughing late month.





8 Responses to A Bunch of Maps

  1. karlbonner1982 says:

    I honestly cannot remember the last time we had Easter weekend weather this pleasant…2004 perhaps? I think that year it was 80-81 on Easter Sunday and also warm/sunny for Saturday.

  2. Marcus says:

    I’m liking the +14-15c temps on the extended GFS ensembles:)

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