A New Year; A Fresh Podcast

Brian and I have had a tough time scheduling a podcast the past few months, but we’re finally back into the groove!

This episode we take a look back at 2012′s year in weather.  From Superstorm Sandy to a record year here in the Pacific Northwest.  Plus, how would you like a job colonizing Mars?  We’ll take a look at one of the strangest “out of this world” job postings we’ve ever seen.  Brian uses a bad word, well, kind of a bad word.  We did this episode from Brian’s new house, “The MacMansion”.  His dog, Rugby gets a word or two in and for some reason kept licking me.  The link is on this page:



6 Responses to A New Year; A Fresh Podcast

  1. Despite bright sunshine, high temp only 33.2F. Currently 31.1F. Few high clouds to the west.

  2. Jordan (Raleigh Hills, 420') says:

    Going to be cold tonight. Already have a temp down to 33, but dew point is still at 31. That should fall soon with drier air working in. Although, still thinking we see some clouds later tonight, probably after 10. Maybe even a flurry.

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