An Exciting Afternoon Ahead; Snow On The Way


Nice setup for widespread snow across Northwest Oregon temperature-wise, but how much moisture we get falling out of the sky is the big question this morning.  Read the previous post first.

The Highlights:

  • Snow showers may develop across the metro area between 11am-3pm
  • It’s cold enough that we’ll see a dusting in spots, probably not on roads except far westside and in the hills.  It might get slippery in the West Hills this afternoon.
  • It ends after sunset and skies clear…still clear and cold as we approach midnight
  • Any wet roads will refreeze; be careful later if you’re out and about.  Remember Trimet and many other transportation options are free tonight.

The only thing holding me back from expecting a widespread dusting or half inch of snow this afternoon across parts of the metro area is moisture availability.  The morning WRF-GFS model came in gangbusters showing a good 1″ of snow all over the metro area between 1-4pm today. 


But now our RPM has a dusting here and there, and at least enough in the air to get us all excited as a solid band of light snow moves across the metro area from 11am-3pm.  It’ll move slowly from west to east.  The first image shows the actual precipitation and the 2nd shows snowfall accumulation forecast.  Note that it’s below 2″, but still, a widespread dusting of snow would add to the New Year’s Eve fun wouldn’t it? 

mgWeb_WRF_20121231-150000_ASEA_ECONUS_F00070000_PwinterThickness_R4km mgWeb_WRF_20121231-150000_ASEA_ECONUS_F00200000_PwinterSnow_R4km

The MM5-NAM and NAM itself are pretty much dry and we may need to discount those models since radar indicates the wetter solution may be correct.

We’ve already seen sticking snow this morning in the Coast Range and in SW Washington north of Longview.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

71 Responses to An Exciting Afternoon Ahead; Snow On The Way

  1. stacey says:

    I live on Columbia heights in Longview n we already have almost a couple inches n so far it doesn’t look like its stoping anytime soon

  2. Ben T says:

    I hope this moisture keeps wrapping around like seran wrap on a thanksgiving meal plate.

  3. pappoose in scappoose says:

    Moderate snow continues! 1 inch on the deck! Hahaah!

  4. Hazel Dell Mole says:

    Quality flakes falling for the last hour. About 1 inch and then some temp hovering around 30 about 150ft. Not bad not bad at all!

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