Hail & Thunder In Tillamook This Evening

October 24, 2012

Several thunderstorms developed over Tillamook between 9 & 10:30 this evening, producing a dozen or more lightning strikes, and apparently some hail!  Take a look at this pic from Ken Myers:


Snow Gate Closes Thursday On Larch Mountain

October 24, 2012

Thursday morning the highest paved road in Multnomah County will be closed for the winter.  Each Fall, road crews close the “Snow Gate” at the 2,600′ elevation on Larch Mountain.  This keeps people from driving higher up into deep snow and getting stuck.  I’ve always wished they would plow it and make a nice snow park up there.  It would be nice to have a snow play area only 45 minutes from downtown Portland.  On the other hand that would cost a lot to maintain/plow, plus I doubt locals would want hordes of visitors jamming the narrow roads leading up to it each weekend all winter long.  Okay, bad idea, nevermind.  More details here:  http://corbettoregon.com/forum/index.php?topic=651.0

That reminds me.  When you are on a road with 3 signs in one mile that say ROAD CLOSED AHEAD,   then ROAD CLOSED 1000′ AHEAD,  then ROAD CLOSED 500′ AHEAD?  Please don’t stop where it is actually closed and sit in the middle of the road wondering where to drive next.  Especially if there is another road veering off to the right at the same spot.  That’s really annoying…I’ve had that happen to me a bunch of times in the last few weeks.  Just pull off to the side and let other traffic go by.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen