A Very Wet Friday, but Drier Weekend Ahead

October 12, 2012

What a soaker today, as of 7pm we’ve received almost 3/4″ of rain!  as of 8pm we’ve broken the record with .90″ and still raining!  The record for this date is .82″ set in 1968 and we might break it since we still have a couple hour’s worth more rain on the way.

Today’s front juiced up more than expected. But from late tonight through Sunday evening most of the action shifts to the north. So Saturday still looks mainly dry and the Sunday rainfall will be just about all north of Portland. For sure if you live in Newport, Salem or The Dalles, most of your weekend will be dry.

My ducks are happy since as of this afternoon all the water from my roof is diverted into their pond; they have a high volume of FRESH water flowing!   Yes, life is good again for a duck in Oregon, and slugs, and all our plants.  Everything is back to normal.

I’m not working this evening, which is good in this case because it’ll be an early start tomorrow for the:


– 10am tomorrow in the OMSI auditorium

– Free

– Raffle for a weather station

Details in a previous post here: