Fresh Podcast Posted

Hanging out with Nibbler while the duck ladies (in the background) wait for Mark to leave their drake alone.

Just posted, a fresh podcast “live” from Mark Nelsen’s home:

This week, we head up to Corbett to do the show from the Nelsen house.  The guys cover Hurricane Issac, give you a summer recap here in the Northwest, and introduce Steph’s new baby boy!

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  1. Mr Data says:

    I worded it wrong. I didn’t mean kill myself. I meant I am going to try and sacrifice myself as my time has come to an end years ago when I turned 18.

    My purpose was to make my parents happy for having a child since I am an only child and my parents are old which I have served my purpose.

    Mom is about to get her GED done which I’ve already got it so I do not need to be here anymore and I do not want to be some loser living on the streets when not if world war 3 hits.

    I am literally living on *borrowed* time which eventually I’ll pay with high interest when the world erupts into WW3 as everything is lined up just like 1912 when world super powers were all ready to kill each other but each one was afraid to be the first to pull the trigger until Archduke Ferdinand got killed (or so they claim) which was the fuse hitting the bomb for WW1.

    May the Creator bless those souls who fought bravely for our freedoms so their children can grow up in a world without hate.

  2. Emily Waldman says:

    Congrats Steph on the lil boy! Great pic of you & Nibbler Mark! I saw 80 for Oct.1st on TWC then 20% rain on the 4th-5th! We’ll see! My skin is so dry without some rain! We’ve been running the humidier at night the air in the house is dry I cough at night as the humidity is so low outside! I am liking this fall weather though!

  3. bgb41 says:

    I just listened to the podcast Mark. Excellent episode this month. Thank you for providing it for all of us.

  4. *BoringOregon* says:

    Big Earthquake by Anchorage,AK 6.4 739pm ET

  5. bgb41 says:

    Guess the weather for the upcoming month by entering your name and the fields. Click the submit button to log your guesses into the database. Entries will close on October 1st.

  6. *BoringOregon* says:

    They had a comet hit the sun before, it was frezzing this morning when I woke up at 7am 43 I thank it was. Because of a job interview today full time night job so it will be interesting to change to night time weather if I get the job.

  7. Hal in Aims says:

    still 49 and foggy………

  8. gidrons says:

    And in other news only slightly weather related, a new comet was discovered that will get very close to the sun a year from now. It has the possibility to be visible with the naked eye.

    • W7ENK says:

      Yes, we discussed this yesterday…


      W7ENK says:
      September 25, 2012 at 11:33 am

      Astronomy forums are buzzing with speculation about newly-discovered Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON). Currently located beyond the orbit of Jupiter, Comet ISON is heading for a very close encounter with the sun next year. In Nov. 2013, it will pass less than 0.012 AU (1.8 million km) from the solar surface. The fierce heating it experiences then could turn the comet into a bright naked-eye object.

      Much about this comet–and its ultimate fate–remains unknown. “At this stage we’re just throwing darts at the board,” says Karl Battams of the NASA-supported Sungrazer Comet Project, who lays out two possibilities:

      “In the best case, the comet is big, bright, and skirts the sun next November. It would be extremely bright — negative magnitudes maybe — and naked-eye visible for observers in the Northern Hemisphere for at least a couple of months.”

      “Alternately, comets can and often do fizzle out! Comet Elenin springs to mind as a recent example, but there are more famous examples of comets that got the astronomy community seriously worked up, only to fizzle. This is quite possibly a ‘new’ comet coming in from the Oort cloud, meaning this could be its first-ever encounter with the Sun. If so, with all those icy volatiles intact and never having been truly stressed (thermally and gravitationally), the comet could well disrupt and dissipate weeks or months before reaching the sun.”

      “Either of the above scenarios is possible, as is anything in between,” Battams says. “There’s no doubt that Comet ISON will be closely watched. Because the comet is so far away, however, our knowledge probably won’t develop much for at least a few more months.”

      Meanwhile, noted comet researcher John Bortle has pointed out a curious similarity between the orbit of Comet ISON and that of the Great Comet of 1680. “Purely as speculation,” he says, “perhaps the two bodies could have been one a few revolutions ago.”

      Stay tuned for updates.


    • David B. says:

      Let’s hope it indeed is a chunk from the same body that spawned the Great Comet of 1680; that one was spectacular, by all accounts.

  9. bgb41 says:

    9/25/2012 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:85 at ALKALI FLAT(2495 ft)
    Low: 62 at Rye Valley(I-84(2230 ft) & John Day River B(305 ft) & Rufus(185 ft)

    High:54 at MEARES Cape Mear(1421 ft) & HOWARD Mt Howard(8150 ft) & HEBOWX Mt. Hebo(3160 ft) & ANEROID LAKE #2(7300 ft)
    Low: 27 at Sand Creek (US 9 (4525 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 49 degrees
    KLAMATH NWR (78/29 ) (4531 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    0.12″ at CW2049 Imnaha(1978ft)

  10. 00z Pacific Surface Analysis shows another beastly monster low to develop in the northern Gulf of Alaska now forecast to deepen to a very impressive 951mb! It is not even October and we’re already seeing this. I like that!

    8km Water Vapor Image

    Very nice!

  11. Punxsutawney aka HIOPHIL says:

    I’d say mid October at the earliest for any real rain, .25″ or more. Already the driest July-September in recorded Hillsboro history beating out 1952’s .36″. with .15″ at KHIO. I’m assuming, quite safely I think, that there will be no precip through the end of the month

    Given it occurred in the summer I’m guessing this will be the driest three months ever recorded here, though there were some very warm and dry springs/early summers in the Dust Bowl years of 1934 and 1936 I believe.

  12. W7ENK says:

    What are you doing to that poor Mallard?!?

    Congrats to Steph on the baby boy!! ^_^

  13. josh says:

    i cant believe its still dry with hardly any good soaking rain coming soon i wonder how much longer it will hold anyone want to give a guess in days or weeks when the rain will return im guessing a week and a half seems like a good amount of time 🙂

    • W7ENK says:

      Be glad we’re getting this out of the way now. Maybe this warm and dry late summer will translate to a cold and snowy winter? Don’t whine, it happens. Besides, we’re still ahead for the water year with only 5 days to go!

      And please learn to use punctuation. k’thanks.

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