Watch Out! Chance for Showers Next 3 Days

August 26, 2012

Don’t stain your deck, paint outdoor furniture, or leave hay on the ground in Western Oregon or Western Washington after this evening for a few days.  And if your kids start school tomorrow (mine do), it might be a slightly drippy and definitely gray start to the school year.

This evening through Wednesday morning is one of those periods where we have a slight chance for showers, but very little actual rainfall.  If it was spring and we had been wet for the past two weeks we’d say “MOSTLY DRY”.  But since we haven’t had rain in over a month, any sort of rainfall is somewhat exciting I suppose.

Check out the rain forecast from the UW-WRFGFS model from 5pm tonight to 5pm Monday:

Note that no one east of the Coast Range (where most of us live) is forecast to see more than .10″ (not even a soaking), but as a dying front moves inland tonight we could see sprinkles or light showers.  This is not a thunderstorm pattern, just the usual dribbles…and many of us will just remain dry

Here is our RPM model forecast of rainfall for the next 72 hours:

It is similar with very light amounts, mainly late tonight and early tomorrow morning. 

The next 3 days will definitely feel like September again after a brief return of summer yesterday.  But the main point here is that if you occasionally live a bit of “Whiskey Tango” in your front/back yards with all sorts of stuff lingering outside during the dependable dry weather of mid-summer?  It’s time to clean up the place!  I’ll be doing that later today along with you.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen