The Heat Wave is Over!

August 17, 2012

It’ll take awhile to cool off our homes (if you don’t have air conditioning and/or a heat pump), but we’re done with the heat now.

Much cooler ocean air is surging inland this evening.  The areas close to the low gaps in the Coast Range have been the first to cool off.  At 9pm it’s in the cool 60s everywhere inland in the western valleys between Eugene and Kelso except right in the metro area.  But even we will drop into the 60s earlier than last night.  Nature’s air conditioner is kicking in…we’ll drop a good 10-15 degrees tomorrow and a few more degrees on Sunday.  Then get used to 70s to lower 80s for highs much of next week.  It’ll be very pleasant, but quite a bit cloudier in the mornings.

Portland hit 96, 100, 97 the past three days.  That would be a 97 today.  I can almost guarantee this past week will go down as the warmest period of summer.  We had 6 days near/above 90 degrees ending today.  All long range maps have significantly cooler weather all of next week and into the last few days of August.  And we don’t get prolonged hot spells with warm nights in September; although last September was close!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen