Late Summer; Fire Smoke Time

August 14, 2012

The morning visible satellite image shows a new (and obvious) smoke plume about 40 miles SE of the Portland Metro area.  It’s a complex of small lightning-started fires from 10 days ago that must have blown up in the past 24 hours just SE of Olallie Lake on the Warm Springs Reservation.  To have a plume of smoke still going during the coolest and calmest time of the day is impressive.  Fires show up best in the early morning and evening on the visible images because of the low sun angle reflecting more light back at the satellite.

You see plenty of smoke on the morning image from other fires burning in far SE Oregon and Nevada.  Plus of course we still have generally hazy skies due to the smoke that arrived from Siberia last weekend.  It’s that time of year for hot temperatures and occasional smoky skies. 

By the way, a switch to northeast or easterly wind tomorrow afternoon will probably send that fire smoke from the Cascades down into the central Willamette Valley for a few days.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen