Shivering Through a Late July BBQ; A Cool Sunday

July 22, 2012

Today was the coldest day in almost 3 weeks in Portland; a thick marine layer kept all areas west of the Cascades cool and cloudy with drizzle at times…yuck.

The day was sunny and decent for me to start.  It was sunny at Clear Lake (camping) this morning, sunny through Government Camp at noon.  Then a plunge down into the marine layer with drizzle showing up around Brightwood.  Then I shivered through a BBQ at 58 degrees this evening…there’s nothing like a warm late July evening in Western Oregon!  Actually it was at the 1800′ elevation, but still, hard to believe the time of year as everyone was complaining about the cold.

There seemed to be some complaining about a “bad forecast” too.  I last worked Thursday evening, but the models have been clearly showing a very deep marine layer today for at least the past 2 days.  The 00z (Saturday evening) WRF-GFS showed a high only in the mid 60s in Portland today, and the 12z (this morning) showed about 71.   Both implied areas of drizzle too, so models did a good job showing today’s gloom.  In fact all the way back to Saturday morning’s run cross-section,

 you see a very thick marine layer for both Sunday and Monday, then much thinner Tuesday.  We’ll see how that pans out.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen