9:45pm…Scattered Storms Northern Metro Area

The earlier storms in south metro died after about 1/2 hour.  Another nice cell developed near Vancouver Lake and has moved north of St. Helens (heading to Longview).  A couple fresh strikes now in the middle of Vancouver the past 5 minutes.

And a very intense cell in Wasco county south of The Dalles headed into Hood River County.  That one may have produced quarter size hail west of Dufur.  Must be a great night to stay at Five Mile Lookout!

The moisture from rain in spots is sure adding to the moist feel outside too.  More to come the rest fo the night.

40 Responses to 9:45pm…Scattered Storms Northern Metro Area

  1. Brad says:

    Yelm/Oly hit the jackpot tonight.

  2. It appears the storm over Eugene is intensifying.

  3. if the camas-Rainier line holds, could be a doozy of a show here in the Longview area. my best sight is to the North and east, cant see much to my south and west.

  4. Yep, just saw lightning on the Eugene cam. So, even though there is a marine push it isn’t going to matter.

  5. left Rainier Beach cause we started getting rained on, lots of flashing going on all over the Longview area.

    • Emily Waldman says:

      Very nice flashes no thunder but rain! Stuck in the trees on Columbia heights not able to see all the good lightning

    • Emily Waldman says:

      Get a distant thunder roll now! Rob the one in Yelm was the one that missed us earlier! Is it coming south again or do these cells have longevity?

  6. Emily Waldman says:

    Finally my first lightning flash on the Longview side to go with the rain! No rumbles yet!

  7. Hmmm, marine push in Eugene.. 64 degrees. WSW 20 G 26, but honestly with these dynamics moving north it probably won’t matter. Elevated storms could fire right over top of it.

  8. Josh Smith south Salem Elev 500 ft says:

    So it looks like Salem is gonna be a bust with this. Nothing at all but a sprinkle. Anybody have any thoughts on the central Willamette valley?

  9. Well this is a first, for me anyhow. I can’t recall a time where instability waned, but looks to rebuild after midnight as Mesoscale Analysis shows MUCAPE rebuilding strongly along the central-southern Oregon Coast and SW Oregon.

  10. Emily Waldman says:

    Getting rain in Longview no lightning yet

  11. W7ENK says:

    Lights just flickered… o_O

  12. Brad says:

    Rob, you’re really starting to look like a genius as things are really starting to pop to our SE now.

  13. pbo9 says:

    Watching the slow lazy thunderstorms from my back porch. A nice- if lethargic light show. The increased humidity has made my Jasmine smell wonderful. I’m hoping for more storms later.

  14. Emily Waldman says:

    That cell from St.Helens supposed to come to Longview, is just sitting across the river. A slow mover! I have seen flashes from it! Humidity sure has gone up to 75% & down to 67! I haven’t had a good t-strm in a a year!

  15. paulbeugene says:

    Looks like PdX and VuO got some decent bolts…just as i thought. EUG not so good

  16. New storm near Brightwood/Sandy.

  17. Muxpux (Castle Rock 175') says:

    Sitting on the beach in rainier, or watching the clouds to te north (olympias cell) light up. It’s awesome!! And a light show off to the easy and getting sprinkles. No flashes to the SE yet….

    • MrPixil says:

      Radar looks much better than it is here in The Dalles… some sprinkles and some good lightning here in town, but that’s about it. I’ve heard a report of some rain and hail (no size) to the southwest of town.

  18. alohabb says:

    When do the good storms get here!

  19. PhilinForestGrove says:

    Second. Hey….great call Rob!!!!!!!!!!!

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