GolfBall Size Hail In Heppner

July 17, 2012


Very impressive, our hail tracker says 4″ size hail possible just south of Heppner, official storm report says 1.8″…that’s huge.


Thunderstorms Finally Beginning To Pop On Cascades

July 17, 2012

The radar screens have been relatively quiet today.  There was a quick burst of thunderstorm action around Albany at 5am, then 3 strikes from east-west moving storms between Wilsonville and Newberg at 11am.  Since then just warm and partly cloudy. 

Now finally some action showing up around Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Detroit Lake.  It remains to be seen whether we actually get storms here in the Valley.

As mentioned in yesterday’s posting, we have great instability, lots of moisture, and plenty of sunbreaks.  We just need a good trigger and things can happen quickly (note Albany at 5am during the coolest part of the day!).

So now it’s a wait and see weather game…anyone COULD see a thunderstorm in the next 8 hours, but some of us won’t.  We’ll keep on top of it.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen