Much Cooler and Wet At Times Today

July 15, 2012

As expected a huge change in the weather this morning; a major push of cool ocean air is thick enough to give us showers in spots west of the Cascades.  Instead of high temps in the 80s today, it’ll struggle up to around 70.  That’s a good 10 degrees below average.  You can see the change on the satellite image.  All areas west of the Cascades are socked in, but totally sunny east of the mountains. 

Today is an excellent day to head to the Eastern Gorge or Central Oregon if you want blue skies, because we’ll likely see little or none west of the mountains.  All the thunderstorms from the past two days will avoid these areas; but take a look at the past 24 hours worth of strikes:

We never saw lightning too close to the metro area, just up around Mt. Hood during the early afternoon only.

Another upper level low (disturbed area of weather) drops in over us tonight, with a third later Wednesday and Thursday.  That means this week will be much cooler than average for the middle of July.  In fact Wednesday could actually be a wet day as Low #3 moves in…another 70 degree day (at best).

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen