3rd Wettest June In Portland

The rainfall last night and then downpours this afternoon pushed our monthly rain total to 3.76″ here in Portland; that’s now the 3rd wettest. Remember the REALLY wet month? That was just two years ago!

Interesting to note that this doesn’t seem to mean too much for the rest of summer when we look back at past wet June weather.

The forecast for the next week doesn’t look so bad, except for Friday and Saturday.  A system coming through Saturday may give us actual widespread rain, I’m keeping an eye on that.  But tomorrow and the first 2-3 days of next week look perfectly reasonable for this time of year.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

5 Responses to 3rd Wettest June In Portland

  1. And the fourth? Let’s stretch the better weather thru then.

  2. weathercrazy82 says:

    Sunny and 60 here. Just had some strawberries and the first raspberries out of the garden.

  3. Wally says:

    Of course, “average rain” in July means almost no rain at all. Less than an inch for the entire month at PDX.

  4. Death ridge time!

  5. muttville1 says:


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