June Starts Warm, Not Many Showers Yet

June 1, 2012

Today has been a bit drier than I expected, but temperature-wise right on.  We hit 76 in Portland for June 1st; a good way to start out the month:

Here’s the 5:00pm radar image showing just a few sprinkles here and there with no hint of “pre-frontal” convection yet our RPM advertised on earlier runs:

This weekend appears to be a real dead one weatherwise.  Not much rain, but lots of clouds and cooler temps.  Things do seem to “juice up” a bit Sunday night and Monday as a large and cold upper-level trough dives into Northern California.  This puts us in moist southerly flow from Sunday night through Tuesday.

Hey, tomorrow night is the Rose Festival Starlight Parade and many of us at FOX12 will be there.  We are now the Rose Festival Station here in Portland; which means we’re broacasting all 3 parades.  My duties in this one are exhausting; sit in a car and wave along with some great kids from the Children’s Cancer Association.  We’ll be entry #46…about a 3rd of the way through the parade.    It should be dry, here’s our forecast: