Neon Tornado Track Map

May 31, 2012

Neat image of all the 1950-2006 tornado tracks across the USA in NEON!

John Nelson (no relation) put it together.  Note the big tornadoes in Vancouver (F3 – Apr 1972) and the F2 near Newberg (Dec 1993) show up nicely.

Rainy Start, Brighter and Warm End Today

May 31, 2012

Yuck!  That was my thought around 10am as showers started falling this morning at my home.  In fact the first half of today was sure gloomy; that part was expected.  We also expected some showers, mainly on the eastside, and that occurred too.  But I wouldn’t have expected drips all morning and through midday.  Models did quite well showing most or all of the rain from Portland north and then into the Cascade Foothills (you can see the loop on last night’s posting).  I had .09″ at my home in the Cascade Foothills.  Doesn’t THAT sound exclusive?  It isn’t.  Anyway, note there was no rain south of a Newberg to Oregon City line:

With some afternoon sun and moisture in the air, it warmed up, or at least felt quite warm.  I volunteered for a field trip with my kids; jet boating the Willamette!  How much fun is that?  And on the 2nd to last day of school to boot.

It was great fun (spin it again!) and you could sure feel the sun each time it poked out.  By the way, the boat operator kept mentioning the “Floods of ’65 & ’96”.  I think he was annoyed when I let him know (after the trip was over) it was December 1964, not ’65.  But I just couldn’t let the “weather information tragedy” continue any longer…

We made it to at least 70 here in Portland, more likely 718:10pm: PDX made it up to 72 degrees.   We find out on days like this around 7:20pm when the final climate report comes out.

Mid-upper 70s were the rule to our south and mid 60s to our north.  We really were right on the line between clouds/rain and sunny summer sun to our south.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen