Record Rain; Wettest Hour Ever in May This Evening!

May 26, 2012

History has repeated itself…we just broke the all-time May  rainfall record again on the Saturday night of Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember 2008?  A big thunderstorm on Saturday evening.

Portland Airport reported 1.02″ rainfall from 6:53-7:53pm.  And most of that appears to have fallen in the final 45 minutes of the hour.  Check out the observations here.

The rainfall is in green on the right side.

.97″ of this fell in 36 minutes from 7:17 to 7:53pm!

Compare that to the record sheet here:

We have broken the all-time one, two, and three  hour rainfall record for May this evening (.93-.95″ on May 24, 2008)

We MAY have broken the all-time one hour rainfall record (1.03″ on September 7, 2010)

The National Weather Service will probably put out a statement after a bit more rain collects in the next hour.  For example, 7:10-8:10pm rainfall could easily be higher than that 1.03″ all time record.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

Thunderstorm & Flooding Rain Heading Into Portland

May 26, 2012

A cluster of strong storms is moving through S. Vancouver and N. Portland right now…storms that again came off the S. Washington Cascades.  Lots of cloud to cloud lightning but not too much cloud to ground action…yet.  I can heard almost constant rumbling to my west (I’m home SE of Crown Point).

Vancouver has received 3/4 inch of rain and PDX already 1/2 inch…expect local flooding to spread south into the heart of Portland.  These storms will continue moving very slowly south, then die after sunset.

Follow the latest radar image and loop, go here:

Then click INTERACTIVE MAP for all the warnings/watches, and looping of the radar…it’s quite a fun tool to track storms with.  In fact it highlights the warnings with colored areas too.  Note you can turn on lightning as well.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen