Thunderstorms Moving In; Take Cover Downtown


Radar shows a burst of storms developing and heading south right into the heart of the Portland Metro area…expect lightning and downpours on the midway down at the Rose Festival soon!

Also, brand new storm spewing lots of strikes in Washington County heading into Hillsboro and Beaverton:

5 Responses to Thunderstorms Moving In; Take Cover Downtown

  1. Jessica bishop says:

    Lightning and thunder in Aloha! LOVE IT!

  2. Julie Yontz says:

    Thunder and lightning in the Cornelius area since 7:00 pm. Double rainbow outline the thunder storm.

  3. Is that 3 cloud-to-ground strikes right along 26?

  4. Debbie in Fairview says:

    Left Cornelius Pass Roadhouse with partly cloudy skies. Downtown the sky was darkening and to the North and East, really black skies! Once I got to 68th on 84 it started to rain lightly and saw lightning in the distance. Once I passed 205 the rain really picked up as did the lightning and thunder. Here in Fairview, rainy, windy, thunder, and lightning!

  5. pappoose in scappoose says:

    Thunder in the land of gravelly plains!

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