Gusty Afternoon Wind & Power Outages


Today’s low pressure center moved inland a little farther north than expected.  That means gusty south and southwest wind that we expected to stay from Salem south has moved up here into the Portland Metro area.  Peak gusts have been in the 30-40 mph range; quite healthy for May!

As a result of falling limbs and a few trees, the number of power outages has spiked over the past hour…reaching around 10,000 PGE customers.  As of 3:30pm most of those are in Multnomah County, out in the East Portland and Gresham areas. 

The wind has just about peaked and will drop off quickly after 5pm.  Strong west wind develops through the Columbia River Gorge and the east slopes of the Cascades the next few hours though…that is part of the forecast that’s turning out right though.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

9 Responses to Gusty Afternoon Wind & Power Outages

  1. The forecast was for gusty wind from Salem south…hence the forecast was only off by 40 miles….not bad….

  2. The forecast was for gusty winds from Salem south that’s only a missed by about 40 miles…..not bad….

  3. Jane says:

    Two trips on the Portland Aerial Tram this afternoon around 2:00–some of the windiest I’ve ever experienced.

  4. EY (Oak Grove) says:

    I’m actually a bit disappointed that they didn’t issue a Wind Advisory for this… It’s not like they didn’t have time to issue it and it was clear hours ago that the low was moving further north than expected.

    Anyways, wind blew down my trash cans so I spent a few minutes picking trash up off the street. >.> I also saw some branches snap and go flying.

  5. W7ENK says:


  6. Beth says:

    What about Salem?

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