Take Your Kid to Work Day

April 26, 2012

Relatively slow in the weather center this afternoon, not quite as much action (lightning-wise) as I expected.  Good time for Andrew to hang out with his old man.  Today is officially “Take Your Kid to Work Day”, and my son looks forward to coming in and hanging out.  Plus “Aunt” Stephanie brings in treats too. 

Weatherwise, plenty of  towering cumulonimbus clouds plus blue skies in-between made for nice time-lapse today. The showers should die down dramatically after 7pm as we lose the daytime heating. Not that we had much daytime heating; highs somehow made it into the upper 50s between the showers. But most of the day was spent in the low-mid 50s.

A big slowdown in the weather now through the weekend. Tomorrow we get approaching warm front clouds for more gray than blue. Just not much (or any) rain. Then the warm front dies right over the top of us Saturday…in fact the afternoon that day might end up mostly sunny! Sunday looks nice again, then we start a fresh round of rain next week. The ECMWF shows below average 850mb temps through most of the next 7-10 days (after Sunday).

So no sign of an early May warm spell!

I had some fun on the way to work today.  Highway 26 was totally stopped near Murray Ave…cars started moving again slowly, and I pass by a pair of Canada Geese with their brand new goslings walking down the left emergency lane!  How did they end up there?  No pond nearby, the right side of the freeway is a 15 foot high wall, and the 3 foot barrier on the left.   They then decided to walk ONTO the freeway, maybe because I had parked in the emergency lane blocking them to get a picture…oops.  That would explain the lady screaming at me to move my car.  Anyway, they walked another 30 feet and were able to walk onto the grassy median to slop around in the mud puddles and I headed on to work.  Hope they made it…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen