Snow Totals: Thursday Morning

Did you get 1/2″ or more last night or this morning?  If so, put it in the comments below.  Keep discussing weather on previous posts.

1. Fresh snow received overnight.

2. Location

3.  Elevation if you are up above 500′ or so.

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67 Responses to Snow Totals: Thursday Morning

  1. teresa b says:

    Hwy 101 south of Seaside, March 29

  2. 225' Tigard says:

    2” in North Tigard @ 225′

  3. Mountain Man says:

    Between Washougal and Stevenson (Archer Mountain) at 1,150 ft.
    6 inches.
    Storm total Wednesday night to Thursday early morning 11.5 inches.

  4. Longview - 400 ft says:

    3 inches

  5. Steve in Beavercreek 1,100' says:

    7″ at 1100′ in Beavercreek. Some of it was from yesterday.

  6. Garron near Wash. Square says:

    Drove around SW PDX/Beaverton around the height of the storm. Sat in Gabriel park eating Wendy’s watching the snow fall and transformers flash. at 1 am. I was amazed as I drove around at the sheer water weight in this snow fall on the fir trees! Alot of the branches hanging precariously over intersections.
    Upper Gabriel Park 650 – 700′ 3″.
    Barbur blvd by I 5 2.5″
    Garden Home about 2″
    Raleigh Hills by Safeway 2″
    My house near Washington Square 2-2.5″

    • Dave in SW PDX (235') says:

      Like Garron said, approx. 2″ in the Garden Home/Multnomah area. I lost power around 2AM as four huge limbs broke loose from my fir trees under the weight of the snow, taking out the PGE feeder line. Now I’m even more popular with my neighbors, especially the owner of the damaged white pickup truck underneath all those branches.

  7. About 1.5″ in Beaverton, Allen/Erickson >250 ft.

  8. Don Nelsen says:

    2″ in Lakeshore area of Vancouver at 8AM this morning. Probably was about 1/2″ more at the peak.

  9. Christian says:

    Bull Mountain
    2 inches
    350 feet.

  10. Karen Waddell says:

    We got about 3 inches Wed night on top of 3″ we got Tues night. We are in Beavercreek — way out at the southeastern end (around Lower Highland and Fellows). Its about 1000 feet here. It is now almost 5pm, and its trying to melt but most of it is still here. Will it freeze over tonight???

  11. Blizzard for Albany says:

    Valley Floor Level – 210 Feet

    Storm Total 6-7 inches
    (Nearly 8″ in areas shaded from the daytime March sun angle by trees, buildings, etc)

    Heavy burst of 4+ inches Wednesday night as front finally passed

    ***Among the biggest snowstorms in the city in the past 20+ years!

  12. Mike says:

    3″ at 175″ Wilsonville.

  13. Diana - Mt. Scott says:

    Last measure at about 2:30am was 4.5″, on Mt. Scott at about 1050ft

  14. yevpolo1990 says:

    Around 3 inches, 4am Thursday, Beaverton

  15. Sandman, Aloha 300' says:

    1.5″ on deck, 1″ of goopy snow on roadways

  16. Andy says:


  17. Ronn S.Salem says:

    8 in. S. Salem 570′

  18. Dave in Sherwood says:

    2″ at 200′ Sherwood. Finally!

  19. 5″ in Hockinson at 900′

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