Snow Totals: Wednesday Morning Edition

Here we are again…almost Spring Break and…

Did you get 1/2″ or more last night or this morning?  If so, put it in the comments below.  Keep discussing weather on previous posts.

1. Fresh snow received overnight.

2. Location

3.  Elevation if you are up above 500′ or so.

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32 Responses to Snow Totals: Wednesday Morning Edition

  1. Thursday AM snow total:
    Near Clackamas TC

  2. 9-1/2″ A new all time single day record in the 18 yrs. I have live at this location!

  3. Punxsutawney (aka HIOPHIL) at work by Sunset High elev ~280 says:

    Hillsboro snow total 2″ at 2:30am Thursday,

    1.75″ at 6am Thursday.

    2.25″ near Sunset High, Beaverton 6:15am Thursday

  4. Jeanne says:

    Up in the foothills east of Stayton
    Wednesday morning had 4″ grew to 5″ during the day
    This morning a new 3″ for a total of 5″
    Elevation approx 1000′
    Lots of large branches and small trees down.
    Very heavy snow

  5. Doppler Dave (NE Portland) says:

    Thursday AM snow total:

    1.25 inches
    244 feet
    Beaumont Neighborhood, NE Portland

  6. Ryan says:

    South Salem. 550′ and about 6-7 inches! I’m so loving this weather even though it’s at the end of March!

  7. Brian Huber says:


    Our elevation outside the town 775′

    Total for wendsday from 9pm to 9am = 7″

    snowing very hard now at 10:00 with already 3″

  8. orwxguy says:

    2″ or 3″ been snowing all day; started around 2am…
    still snowing… make it stop, please!!

  9. Carrie says:

    4.5″ this morning in Washougal, 1400′ (Bear Prairie) It started melting mid-morning so roads are fine. Funny though, but it’s been snowing all day with no additional accumulation. In fact it’s continued to melt. Very strange.

  10. Scott Nelson (550' South Salem) says:

    Out at my house in South Salem hills , elevation 550′ , we have a total of 3 and a half inches. It has been snowing all morning and still hasnt stopped.

  11. Jana says:

    An inch in Gresham at 6am

  12. Tom says:

    3-4 inches and still snowing in Sandy

  13. Curt in Eugene says:

    11 inches
    West Eugene hills

    Has turned to rain, but still 31.4 degrees.

  14. o.c.paul says:

    At 200′ in Oregon City (as performed by Kansas)

    ‘All we got, was a dusting with no wind.
    All we got, was a dusting with no w-ind.
    All we got, was a dusting with no wind’

  15. Mountain Man says:

    Between Washougal and Stevenson (Archer Mountain) at 1,150 ft.
    5.25 inches and still snowing lightly.

  16. Garry/SW Eugene (488') says:

    SW Eugene
    Now raining

  17. Joel in Albany says:

    212 ft
    Snowing non-stop

  18. Currently 6″

    Sweet Home


    Still snowing.

  19. PeterB (1170' Bellevue) says:

    0″ 1170′ Bellevue WA. Wow, I thought winter was declared officially over 1 month ago, or 2 months? I think 8″ in Eugene qualifies for “snow in the lowlands”. Fork pullin time! 😉

  20. Dave in South Salem (500') says:

    3.5″ still coming down and still 32 as of 9am. Low was 32 so nothing changing so far. Telecommute day…

  21. Andrew (Near Silver Falls 1600') says:

    At 730am I had 7″
    9 miles SE of Silverton

  22. Matt in Eugene says:

    4 inches by the Valley River Center in Eugene about an hour ago. Lots of downed trees and power lines. Still snowing steadily at this time.

  23. R.G. Oregon City - 365' says:

    Maybe .5″ on the deck this morning
    Oregon City

  24. PaulB/Eugene says:

    7.5 inches/513′

  25. Melissa says:

    1 inch here in stayton and still snowing

  26. grey sky says:

    3 inches

    still snowing

  27. 3.5″ and still snowing! March 21st. mark it down.

  28. Joe Francona says:

    6″ last time I checked in SW Eugene. Snowing steadily. Many trees downed.

  29. Brandan-Damascus(675ft) says:


    • Brandan-Damascus(675ft) says:

      Have seen cars on the way to work with 5 or 6″ on their vehicles.

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