A New Post

March 13, 2012

Extremely busy today doing the early shows, finishing up a winter weather presentation for the Oregon AMS meeting, then going to the meeting this evening over at KOIN.  Now it’s 11:32pm and time to go home.

Looks very wet next 2+ days.  That deep low showing up on some models Friday night moving up the Coast looks a bit suspect to me.  Hard to get a signficant wind producer when you have lots of energy also heading into California.

But at least you have a fresh post to comment on; the “snow is arriving” post suddenly seems very dated.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

Snow Totals: Mid March Edition

March 13, 2012

Did you get 1/2″ or more last night or this morning?  If so, put it in the comments below.  Keep discussing weather on previous posts.

1. Fresh snow received overnight.

2. Location

3.  Elevation if you are up above 500′ or so.

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