March Snow In Portland

Here’s a compilation of the March measurable snowfalls here in Portland.  They are few and far between, but so it often is ANY time of winter here in the lowlands.  Usually it’s in the first week of the month.

15 Responses to March Snow In Portland

  1. Ian says:

    Nothing in 2002? Got about 3″ in Olympia then… really wet stuff… on the 17th. I recall that time as a cold week overall when modified arctic air just wouldn’t quite go away.

  2. …snow in March only means one thing to me….RIBS IN THE SNOW!!!!!…..don’t even need that cliff any more….

  3. o.c.paul says:

    And this just in…more green beer is consumed on March 17th than on any other day in March. And this does NOT seem to be affected by snowfall, oddly enough.

  4. I remember the 1989 one. I want to get 6″ on St. Patrick’s day, just to drop the jaws of everyone who says it’s impossible!

  5. EY (Oak Grove) says:

    I’m technically in Milwaukie (Zip Code of 97267) and we had a half inch in my neighborhood. I went outside and measured it myself at like, 2am this morning.

    • EY (Oak Grove) says:

      Sorry, need to add this:

      So no! Milwaukie had sticking snow! I demand retribution!

    • EY (Oak Grove) says:

      Between you and I? Or another Milwaukieaean and I? Either way, my faux-dignity has been injured! Shall it be an elemental duel?

      In all seriousness though, yeah, about half an inch last night and it snowed for a couple hours.

    • W7ENK says:

      No duel, the “No-Snow” zone must be centered around the 97222 area. 266 and 267 are farther South toward Gladstone and Oak Grove. Those areas are a bit higher than the North Part of Milwaukie. River Road shoots up the hill about 100 feet in only a few blocks just South of downtown Milwaukie, as does McLoughlin Blvd (99E) and Oatfield. I think there’s one spot up near Thiessen and Hill Road that gets up near 400′, but that’s several miles to my South.

      No, I’m up here in the No-Man’s land to the NW of Clackamas Town Center. I can’t compete with EY’s higher elevation! 😆

  6. W7ENK says:

    Mmm hmm…

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