Snow Moving In…

Here is the 3z version of our RPM model snowfall forecast.  Interesting it shows the snowfall down in the central Valley nicely…a 2″ swath through Salem too!  Snow/rain intensity has definitely been on the increase as mentioned in the earlier post.  If the 4km WRF-GFS is correct, it’ll be mostly gone by 1-2am.  We’ll see about that.  Either way, enjoy the snow down south in Salem and here in the metro area quite a few of us will get sticking snow the next few hours too.

Heading home now…Mark


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  1. W7ENK says:

    I didn’t realize Timberline, Timberline Lodge and Bull Run were all in the Coast Range?!

  2. My February Stats:

    Avg. Max: 46.6 (-1.2)
    Avg. Min: 32.3 (+0.3)
    Max: 60 (6th)
    Min: 26.4 (27th)
    Precip: 9.02″ (+0.43″)
    Snowfall: 16.25″
    Days with snowcover: 7
    Max daily rainfall: 1.32″ (10th)
    Sub-freezing lows: 22
    Days with precip: 20

  3. Austin-Felida says:

    man now its just hail but saw a flash of lightning. today has everything

  4. Austin-Felida says:

    never mind its grout actually so its SNOWING AGAIN

  5. Austin-Felida says:

    it is hailing like crazy right now and these clouds are so dark jeez

  6. Hey Mark. The RPM once again nailed the snow forecast for my location. It has actually performed pretty well this winter.

  7. Kyle says:

    I’m sorry if I sound snarky but I am fighting a bad cold.

    The main question I want to know is why does Molalla and Silverton seem to get the shaft sort of like The Dome Effect up in Portland by that town that starts with an M. (I don’t have a clue how to spell it)

  8. Kyle says:

    Here is my source for the stupid PNA data!

    Thank you SO much for the wonderful compliments. :p *not!*

    I just innocently posted data and get slammed for it.

    • W7ENK says:

      Jeez Kyle, I didn’t slam you. I just outlined the PNA as it progressed throughout the winter. You’re absolutely right, it’s been on the Positive side for much of the winter, albeit barely. What your link doesn’t show is the forecast projection. I was merely pointing out that the all forecast projections take the PNA back Positive next week, that is all. Could it go back Negative after that? Sure, but when? Maybe St. Patty’s Day? Maybe the 4th of July?? Who knows???

      Calm thyself…

    • Austin-Felida says:

      man, no one is smashing you he was just stating his side, doesn’t mean he was telling you that you were wrong. don’t jump to conclusions like that.

  9. gidrons says:

    For a little perspective – today the sun is at the same angle as it was last October 11th.

    • W7ENK says:

      Hey, that’s Karl’s line! 😆

    • Kyle says:

      My comment is directed at you. The site shows most of the winter being up more then down except the time Seattle had the snowstorm.

      Before I read your rude comment I was going to ask why does Mollalla and Silverton seem to get the shaft when it comes to snowfall and winds up getting ice more then anything like this morning?

    • Karl Bonner says:

      *shaking head as he wakes up* Did somebody say my name?

  10. 16″ on the ground at my place. 10″ of snow yesterday, 4.75″ today since midnight.

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