East Wind Finally Dies Down

February 7, 2012

Our longest stretch of gusty east wind so far this winter still has 2 more days to go.  At least it won’t be nearly as strong as we’ve seen so far.  Here are the peak gusts at Troutdale since it began last Thursday afternoon…the half-transparent numbers are the Portland Airport peak gusts:

It appears that Corbett hasn’t gusted over 40 mph in the past three hours and Vista House hasn’t gusted above 50 mph in the same time…that’s a light wind day up there!

Other than that, real quiet weather the next few days.  Just weak waves of showers or weak fronts moving through.  A colder trough, although not especially wet, rolls through the Pacific Northwest next Monday and Valentine’s Day.  Snow levels probably dip below 2,000′ if models/maps are correct, then a bit milder in the 8-10 day period.  Beyond that?  Who knows…I’ll take a look at long-range stuff again tomorrow or Thursday.  I can tell you that nothing pops out to me in the 10-15 day period.

I think within the next 7 days it’ll be time to “call off winter” or go for something at the end of the month; one of the two.  The clock is ticking down to the final days on Pacific Northwest Winter 2011-2012; wow, who would have thought a La Nina winter could be so pathetic…

One thing…I AM fairly confident that we won’t see a major arctic blast, flooding, or major snowstorm.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen