Winter Denial & Drier February

February 1, 2012

Eric from Troutdale sent me this pic today…describes the weather geek’s feelings around here this winter so far.

You can tell it’s from the Midwest though; check out the last line.  That doesn’t apply here since we don’t get much in the way of Spring thunder, hail, and tornadoes.

Speaking of the rest of winter, does it seem like we’ve had more dry Februarys than wet ones?  It’s true.  Only 1 out of the past 11 Februarys have been wetter than normal here in the lowlands of western Oregon (Climate Division #2).

Technically, the new 30 year average monthly rainfall stats for PDX (1981-2010) show that March is now slightly wetter than February.  3.66″ in February and 3.68″ for March.  So now they are basically about the same.  At least it’s a slightly warmer rain in March???

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen