Cold Alaskan Temps & Dead Weather Ahead

January 27, 2012

Have you heard about the cold temps in Alaska? Check out Fairbanks daily info right here. Looks like about 11 days they haven’t even made it UP to -20! That’s really cold (understatement). I made a graphic for that since there is almost nothing to talk about down here in our corner of the “Lower 48”.

That would also be an understatement. Models are still very insistent on just a few weak systems moving through our area Sunday through Wednesday, then strong ridging or split flow developing beyond that point possibly towards the 2nd week of February.

Here are a few charts…

First, the 00z GFS 500mb height anomaly 14 days from now (Hour 312):

Then the 00z GEM (Canadian) anomaly for the same day:

Very similar for being so far away.  So is there hope for non-boring weather in the GFS ensembles…unfortunately not.  Here is the 00z 850mb temp chart:

So enjoy the nice weather on Saturday, then relax indoors Sunday since it appears we have a wet day on tap.

On a side note, check out the effect of weather on the number of hits we get on the weather blog:

Monday-Sunday (Jan9-15):  169,000 hits
Monday-Sunday (Jan 16-22): 178,000 hits
Monday-Sunday (Jan 23-29):  35,000 hits (estimate for next two days)

I notice it’s a gradual pick up in numbers in the 10 days leading up to the wet snow weekend (14-15th). Then a much faster dropoff as soon as we were done with the snow, apparently weather geeks don’t find the flooding nearly as interesting; I would agree.  One more thing…the numbers this week are significantly lower than BEFORE the maps started building up to the colder weather.  I’m guessing everyone gets exhausted by the continous monitoring of data and maps before an event and then once the excitement passes (with maps showing nothing on the horizon) we all scatter and go back to our non-weather lives.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen