ECMWF Monthly Maps

January 26, 2012

For hardcore geeks only!  The squeamish probably don’t want to keep reading…

I have access to the ECMWF weekly maps; they come out twice a week.  The ECMWF is run out to 30 days.  The most recent run is 00z last night; so here is some eye candy for you.  Make sure you click on each pic for a much clearer view.

Here is Week 1 500mb height anomaly and then the surface temp anomaly:

Week 2 anomaly…wow!  A huge upper level ridge just inland over the Rockies.  Areas not under inversions could be extremely warm.

The Week 3 anomaly…a change, ridge disappears and is replaced by weak troughing…precipitation returns, but still very mild in the central USA.

The Week 4 anomaly…still slightly below average heights over us, looks close to normal.

If the ECMWF is right, we have about two weeks of very mild weather with little rain, then back to normal after mid-month. Note the eastern USA’s mild winter will continue if these maps verify too.