A Quick Poll About Weather Surveillance Radar and Portland TV

I haven’t put a poll on here for a long time and figured it’s time for another.  I actually thought of this while driving to work today (distracted driving?). 

Do our viewers know if and which station or stations own their own radar for use in weathercasts?  It’s a sizeable investment (I mean HUGE! investment).

So all I ask is that you just take the poll quickly without putting too much thought into  it.

Punch in your answer without looking it up to see what the answer is please!

Thanks…Mark Nelsen

20 Responses to A Quick Poll About Weather Surveillance Radar and Portland TV

  1. philinforestgrove says:

    Gusting to 43mph out here in the Grove. Warmed up to 52 balmy degrees.

  2. pippin says:

    Surprised to see a lot choosing kgw, when their radar always conviently goes down whenever nws doppler does. But then again they do label the doppler as their own.. Tricky marketing? I think so.

  3. Bruce Clark says:

    I know at one time KGW used to own the old NWS Radar up on Mt Livingston.. Doesn’t seem like they use it anymore – and just get data feeds like everyone else from the WSR-88D radar.

  4. David B says:

    I’m wondering how much it really matters, given that anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection can now see the NWS radar images real-time. I make use of it often when planning activities on showery days.,

    • Mark Nelsen says:

      One could argue that point about much of the weathercast.

    • David B says:

      @Mark: true, though what I was trying to say (not very well, now that I read it again) is that there’s not much purpose in a TV station owning its own radar when they can just use the Internet to access the data live from the NWS radar. As they all apparently are doing, as per your most recent post here.

  5. Doppler Dave (NE Portland) says:

    That question was too easy, Mark! You should ask who the best meteorologist is in Portland…MARK NELSON!!!

  6. A poll is usually multiple choice…but a quiz is…

  7. Karl Bonner says:

    This isn’t really a poll, it’s a quiz.

  8. I think KPTV should replace Sky12 with an AWACS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-3_Sentry) instead. Anyone can tell us when rain showers are coming. I want to know when the Russians are coming. Hasn’t anyone seen Red Dawn?

  9. TRISHA says:


  10. ladodgers says:


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