Sunday Afternoon Update

Here’s the latest:

This is pretty much what I sent out to the newsroom this afternoon, so it’s quite a bit “lighter” than what you normally see on the weather blog, but at least it gets the info out quickly.  I’ll do something more in depth around 9pm.  I only have one request…PLEASE LET THE NAM COME INTO AGREEMENT WITH THE GFS, ECMWF, and GEM!

 Looks like everyone got to see some snow whether it was in the air, or a trace or more on the ground.  Several reports of 1,000’+ areas getting 2-4”.

 Showers wind down after sunset, and we’ll be all or mainly dry through midday Monday.  Best chance for more than a dusting will be farther south, maybe in Salem.  But ANYONE could still wake up to a dusting of white.  Whatever is wet this evening will likely freeze tonight, expect icy spots tomorrow morning, possibly even hidden under a dusting of snow.  

Snow showers pick up a little tomorrow afternoon and into Tuesday morning.  They should be quite light; combine that with a milder southerly wind and I think it’s possible we don’t actually get any more accumulation after a dusting tonight here in the city.  To be on the safe side, I’m going to say a Trace to 1” possible again tomorrow night, but my gut tells me it could just be wet Tuesday morning with a breezy south wind blowing due to a new low having developed up to our north.

 Past Tuesday morning, it should just be on to rain at the lowest elevations, and lots of it through the end of the week.

 I should point out that one of our models (only one) has it cold enough for quite a snowstorm late Tuesday through Wednesday morning, but I’m not buying into that for now.

 TONIGHT:  Snow showers end, freeze most areas…27.  Flurries and a dusting still possible

MONDAY:  Mainly dry morning, then afternoon/evening snow showers, turning breezy…39  Trace-2” mainly near/above 1,000’ later.

MONDAY NIGHT:  Light snow/rain showers…34  Snow level lifts to around 1,000’…1-3” up there.

TUESDAY:  Mainly rain, turning heavy late in day…40  Snow level lifts to 2,000’ P.M.

WEDNESDAY:  Rainy and windy, much warmer…52

THURSDAY-FRIDAY:  Stormy, plenty of rain and wind…50

SATURDAY-SUNDAY:  Light showers, cooler…40-45

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

133 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Update

  1. AlohaWeather says:

    Heavy showers approaching the coast…are they going to make it to the Metro are tonight?

    • AlohaWeather says:

      The Temperatures are aproaching the dewpiointaound the westside. I think there could be some freezing fog tonight

  2. PaulB/Eugene says:

    Sun pm thoughts :
    At Gov Camp this weekend…great snow but no bandwidth .
    So far very low yield for snow in Will Valley….just as I had thought but not hoped.
    Not expecting much tonight or tomorrow. May see temps in low 40s in EUG tomorrow to add insult.
    If lucky may be able to get spotty accumulations Mon night.
    Main event Tuesday into Wed am.
    With good slug of moisture perhaps can get a 4-8 inch dump of wet snow points east and north of low passage. It will be like high stakes poker…closer you are to big bust the closer you are to big snow bonanza.
    At some point you follow pressure falls, temps, sat imagery and forget all else, go with flow and have vodka handy.
    Stock up on batteries as heavy wet snow likely somewhere north of Woodburn.
    Eugene will have to wait and see.

  3. WEATHERDAN says:

    At 8:55 PM it is snowing lightly and sticking in near South Salem. It is currently 31.6 degrees. The roads are white with snow and the roads are very slick. I am curious about next weekend. It looks like snow down to some very low elevations. Like less than 1,000 feet. This might be a fun week.

    • Dave in South Salem says:

      Maybe near but not happening in actual South Salem. I saw the radar blob right over me but just a tiny bit of flurries blew in for about a minute like one per sq ft.

  4. too many to keep up with. Here is the last one just posted…


  5. I need a newer link to this site. This is the old work PC & I think I am stuck with frames! 😦

  6. Fatal Traffic Crash blocking Highway 126W near Veneta at approx. milepost 42 – No other info for release until later tonight or possibly Monday morning –

  7. Tigard 225' says:

    It would seem that the Wednesday low is still up north on the 00z GFS but ironically the windstorm low comes into central Oregon! Ha!

    • Tigard 225' says:

      I got that interpretation wrong I think. I’ll shut up now.

      Stay safe out there. While winter wx can be at times fun, it can also be horribly tragic.

  8. Snowhound says:

    For your viewing pleasure…

  9. Mark in Beaverton says:

    The 00Z RPM has PDX getting 1-2 inches of snow overnight. I would link it but I’m on my phone. You can find it on Marks Weather Links.

  10. Snowhound says:


    The amount of wrecks being called out on is unbelievable right now…

    Washington County Fire and EMS

    • Yeah, it’s going to be an ugly commute… luckily it’s a day off for quite a few (but not me).

    • alohabb says:

      Ive been watching for two hours and have counted 12 wrecks in Wash. County so far. It is VERY slick!

    • Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

      Just returned home from running kids around Wilsonville and it’s slick out. Stopped at a local grocery store and we “skated” across the parking lot to get to our car and back.

    • chris s says:

      can someone explain to me the phenomenon of people who actually seem to drive more carelessly and faster when its icy out then when roads are clear and dry. I just got home and people were actually going over posted speed limits on a road that when dry most people are right around the limit. I find it quite odd, wondering if anyone else notices this behavior as well

    • pippin says:

      I’ve also noticed this Chris. In fact I know several people who purposely drive faster in this weather. Their explanation is: “I get so tired of every terrible Oregon driver in bad weather, that I drive fast to annoy them. I hate people who do this, and hope they learn a lesson at their own expense.

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