Beyond Monday

Just took a quick glance at all the 00z models…wow…a lot of action the next 7 days!

The highlights:

-The 00z NAM continues to be by far the coldest solution for Tuesday, the time when more moisture starts to move in for steadier precipitation.  Not sure what to think of that since it’s the only model showing such a cold airmass, cold enough for significant sticking snow in the lowest elevations.  For now I’m ignoring it since it’s out on it’s own.  Unfortunately the NAM only goes out to 84 hours, so we don’t know what it shows Wednesday.

-The GFS has almost exactly the same solution Monday-Wednesday that it’s shown for a couple days.  Quick warmup Tuesday, then a nice surge of very mild air Wednesday for high snow levels.

-The new 00z ECMWF is slightly cooler (slightly closer to the NAM) Tuesday morning, keeping us around a -7 at 850mb.  Then it warms up.  It brings the surface low up to about Astoria on Wednesday morning, slightly farther south (again a nod to the NAM) than 24 hours ago.

-The 00z GEM (Canadian) is similar to the GFS.

-All 3 of those models have several deep low pressure centers tracking across the Pacific Northwest Wednesday-Saturday.  All 3 of the 00z runs have an especially deep center passing through Washington sometime between midday Friday and midday Saturday.  We could get a real windstorm out of this…I’ll keep an eye on it.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


108 Responses to Beyond Monday

  1. Tina * Ridgefield Wa. * says:

    Nothing here in ridgefilde wa. In a bubble and everything is around us. We get nothing. UffffF it sucks!!! Lol

  2. Tigard 225' says:

    12z NAM still looks interesting…

  3. David B says:

    Snowing in fits and starts up here in High Point, West Seattle (400 ft) this morning. Sometimes not at all, sometimes coming down real hard for a few minutes, average rate is probably a light “snizzle”. A dusting on the lawns and cars, roads still just wet.

  4. chiefWright (Marquam) says:

    What I’m going to call the “Monitor-Marquam Bananna Belt” is living up to its name. I’m enviously watching your reports and white webcams with nuttin’ out my window. And watching those glorious purple & blue blobs on radar dry up as they cross I5, only to reform as they hit the foothills!
    Notice this was indicated on Mark’s graphic a few posts ago.

    • chiefWright (Marquam) says:

      Correction, the graphic in the post before this one (and not the latest asking for snowfall to which I have grumpily contributed). Mark, you are on a post binge!

    • WhiteEagle - Garden Home/SW Portland says:

      That area really is amazing. I was driving home from work this morning and could see the snow on rooftops while it’s just wet on the Marquam…almost like you can reach out and touch it but not quite. I’ve seen that happen several times…truly a 150-200 foot snow level but only because of the warmth of the city.

      Not sure if you’ve ever heard of “The Benches” in Salt Lake, but it’s sort of the same feeling.

    • chiefWright (Marquam) says:

      WhiteEagle, wrong Marquam? My “Monitor-Marquam” bananna belt is in the triangle between Silverton, Molalla & Woodburn. I think it’s a different cause, but similar effect as the SLC benches.

      The river temperature can also have quite a moderating influence on the air temp.

  5. Laurie (Sylvan) says:

    Snowing hard with big flakes at Sylvan, 750 feet.

  6. Tigard 225' says:

    Congrats to everyone! We got what we wanted! Moderate sticking snow here in Tigard. Nice to see little bit of SWerly swing on those showers getting them through the coast range…. Enjoy!

  7. EmzinTigard says:

    Woke up at 7:45am to it snowing really hard! Everything is already white!!

  8. Andrew (Portland....Sylvan Highlands ~800 feet) says:

    Coming down hard here now!

  9. Cliff Gavic 1,100 ft says:

    2 inches snow and snowing.

  10. B1900 Pilot says:

    Nice band of showers moving through Beaverton right now. All snow, all sticking, 1/2″ on the ground in Bethany area.

  11. Steve in Salem says:

    Snowing in Salem, road is covered….

    • Josh Smith (South Salem 400' ) says:

      ya, nothing like waking up to snow covered roads, and its still very light flurries coming down

  12. Finally, some real snow fall in Boring.

  13. Ben (Beaverton 775 ft.) says:

    Snowing here again…maybe a half inch or so…

  14. Pippin says:

    Finally got cold enough around 1:30am for snow (32.9) Had a shower roll through around 3:00am and now another one currently. Roughly 1/2″ of snow already.

  15. …winter wonderland morning here, 1.5 inches, and 27.1…

    • Garron Beaverton says:

      Nice Larry, enjoy it for all of us!!!

      If I swept all my snow together I might be able to make an actual snow flake out of all of it. If we get enough of it, I might try RobWrath’s idea and make a snow boob!!!

      Continuing to snow for the last 1/2 hour, but it was sticking much better in Aloha, must be just a degree or two colder 6 miles away.

  16. Doppler Dave (NE Portland) says:

    Moderate snow falling and sticking now here in NE Portland.

  17. SnowedIn - North Plains says:

    Currently snowing at a pretty good clip… Everything’s covered with a good 1/2 in. of snow.

  18. Roman~Snow-Zone says:

    It’s beens snowing for the last half hour at a pretty good clip, big flakes. Getting close to 1″ accumulation. Honestly didn’t expect to get this much action, but I will certainly take it!

  19. Sandi (Wilsonville) says: is showing several crashes on I-5 Eugene area and south.

  20. Andrew (Portland....Sylvan Highlands ~800 feet) says:

    Moderate snow and 31 here currently!

  21. 0402 says:

    Light layer of snow here in Forest Grove. Snow falling now with 30 deg. Not the normal snow system, we usually get more than most here. Still nice to see…

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