Stormy Weather Update

December 26, 2011

It’ll be brief this evening because I ran out of time, and, I’m cranky that no significant windstorm is in the works now for later in the week.  Plus I screwed up the 10pm weathercast (about 30% of it).

The most important thing I learned today is this:  When your PC pops up a text box that says “AN UPDATE HAS BEEN INSTALLED, DO YOU WANT TO RESTART NOW OR RESTART LATER?”, do it before you go on live television with the computer.  Our main weather graphics computer showed me that message a time or two this evening and I thought “nah…I’ll get to it later..”. 

Well, the box apparently popped up again right during my 10pm weathercast.  When that happens, as you know, everything has to stop until you click on the little box!  If you are 15 feet away and looking a different direction, you just mumble and complain about none of the buttons working correctly and look like one of those aging tv weathermen that can’t handle the new-fangled technology.

Anyway, lots of rain and wind the next 4 days.  The big change from last night’s post is slightly different positioning of upper level features (more energy with a wave on Thursday and less on Friday) means no deep low for Friday, but a stronger front with warm rain on Thursday.  This is going to be a real pain for the ski resorts…it implies rain at pass elevations from tomorrow midday until sometime Thursday night!  That’s not good for skiers…definitely avoid Wednesday and now maybe Thursday too.  Great for travellers though.

Mild and occasionally wet is the big story in the long-range too.  00z GFS has some sort of ridging right along the West Coast through the next 16 days; including a couple more warm mountain rain events.    The new 00z ECMWF is no better through 10 days, here’s the 500mb forecast just out for a week from Wednesday, January 4th: 

Now can SOMEONE please tell me why we couldn’t get an upper-level ridge with 500mb heights around 579dm. ANYTIME between March and June this year, but now we see it in the deep of winter???

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen